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do they have good icecream

Some of the best ice cream

Is your cream grass-fed by any chance? Thanks!

No, the milk they receive is in no way considered grass fed. Jonathan: The two farms that I know to have been supplying the milk are not grass fed. They are fed a silage/grain diet and they are very large farms. That is not considered grass fed. Jonathan--do you know the farm name? It is my understanding that Pittsford purchases milk through a large area Co-op and the cows are definitely owned by the farm, not by Pittsford Dairy.

Do they have any dairy free ice cream that is Not sorbet

Yes, they have normal dairy free ice cream in various flavors.

Can you buy pints of ice cream to go.

Yes you can but I believe they are limited flavors

Does Pittsford Farms deliver milk in the rochester area, milkman-style?

Not sure if they deliver but Wegmans sells their milk

Is the Icecream shop open

Yes, to-go only though

I live their milk and wanted to recommend it to others. However, 3 friends have had breast cancer. Is Pittsford Farms organic and grass fed?

If they are, they don't do anything to indicate such on their packaging, so I'd guess not.

Does the Pittsford ice cream contain corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or cornstarch? I can't digest those ingredients. Unfortunately they are found in most ice cream.

Call them and ask

Do they sell dry ice?


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